Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Reservation Hell

So I woke up at 7:30 this morning to call the Eurail Booking Center in Paris to book some of the trains that require additional mandatory reservations.  I spent 30 minutes + on hold before speaking to someone and then another 30 minutes booking the reservations.  As soon as I hung up, I realized that the final reservations that she read back to me (and I jotted down) had a mistake. The train from Rome to Venice which we had discussed needed to be on the 29th of September had been booked on the 26th of September. I didn't realize this mistake until I had already hung up...of course.  So I called back to correct this mistake and after another 30 minute hold, I was told that reservations can't be changed and I would need to book another reservation. On top of that 20 Euros down the drain, I have to make the new reservation with the first person I spoke with and she was busy so I had to leave my number for her to call me back. AHH! Frustrated!

Also I just put my pack on with my satchel just to make sure I could wear them at the same time...I can't. So I contemplated just holding the satchel in my hand during travel and using it by itself as a day pack.  Unfortunately after putting my laptop in the satchel and wear it for 30 seconds I had to take it off because it is EXTREMELY uncomfortable. So back to the store it goes and I am back on the search for a new comfortable day pack.

Even though today has been frustrating, I can't complain because I am so lucky to be able to go on this trip period.  I'm sure that these aren't the only set backs I will have in the process of this trip but the trip will be awesome enough to far outweigh the bumps along the way :)

Only 1 WEEK left!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Packing List

Packing List:
**All of the stuff listed below is fitting into a 65L Backpack and a Satchel Day pack
·         4 pairs of pants (2 jeans, 2 other)
·         8 mix and match/layering shirts
·         3 T-shirts
·         3 jackets (1 heavier/ 1 black / 1 fleece)
·         Poncho
·         1-2 Dresses (both black/ 1 nice and 1 casual)
·         2 Bras
·         Underwear
·         2 pairs PJ pants
·         5 pairs of socks
·         1 pair tennis shoes
·         1 pair black boots
·         1 pair flip flops
·         1 pair flats

Toiletries and Medication:
·         Advil
·         Mucinex
·         Bonine
·         Airborne
·         Pepto
·         Tums
·         Benadryl
·         Imodium
·         Band-Aids
·         Q-Tips
·         Hand Sanitizer
·         Anti-Bacterial hand wipes
·         Tooth Paste
·         Deodorant
·         Razor
·         Tooth Brush
·         Brush
·         Hair Ties
·         Makeup (Foundation, Eyeliner, Mascara)
·         Lotion
·         Eczema medicine
·         Tweezers

·         Digital Camera (and Charger)
·         Flip Video Recorder (and Charger)
·         Laptop (and Charger)
·         Kindle Fire (and Charger)
·         Phone (for emergency use)
·         Webcam
·         Memory Cards
·         Power/Plug Adaptor
·         Small Hair Straighter
·         Battery Alarm Clock
·         Small Flashlight
·         Watch

·         Travel Towel
·         Travel Sheet Pocket
·         Carry on / Day Pack
·         Travel Itinerary/Plans
·         Eurail Pass
·         Passport
·         Copy of Passport
·         Credit Cards/Drivers License
·         Locker Locks and Pack Locks
·         Health Insurance Card
·         Prescribed Medications
·         Ear plugs/ Eye Mask
·         Plastic Utensils
·         Bottle Opener
·          Ziplock Baggies
·         Large Trash Bag
·         Small Notepad and Pen

Saturday, August 25, 2012


This will be our Itinerary:

Paris (4 nights) --> Amsterdam (4 nights) --> Berlin (4 nights) --> Prague (4 nights) --> Munich (Oktoberfest!! 4 nights) --> Venice (3 nights) --> Rome (3 nights) --> Nice (4 nights) --> ???? (3 nights) --> Paris (1 night) --> Home

10 Days and Counting

Only 10 days until Dustin and I board the airplane for our 5 week trip to Europe!! I am so excited :) The flight is going to be....an adventure....it will take approximation 21 hours from start to finish...YIKES..  We leave Atlanta at 6am (we should probably be at the airport around 4am) on Wednesday the 5th of September and have a 9 hour layover in the Miami airport before continuing our journey to Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris.  I have a feeling that although we will probably be exhausted from the flight, we will be so excited to be starting our Europe trip that it won't seem so bad (the flight home might be a different story). Its almost here and there is still much packing and planning to be done! Only 10 days left!!!