Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Buffet Heaven....TOTALLY WORTH IT

OH...MY...GOODNESS... I just ate the most delicious food that has ever existed.

I splurged on a fancy buffet that my hotel had and it was WORTH IT! I sat down at the table planning to order yet another pizza because it was the cheapest thing on the menu.  It turned out that the menu in my room was different than the menu downstairs in the restaurant and they weren't serving pizza, so I decided to try out the buffet that I had been eying earlier but didn't plan on getting because it was quite pricy.  Well...it was meant to be because it turned out that the buffet was AMAZING!

The entrees were grilled steak (I think it was tenderloin), a white fish in a lemon butter sauce, and veal loin.  There were a few other main entrees but I wasn't particularly interested in them.  The sides were a veggie medley, a delicious couscous, and some really yummy,sauteed, thinly sliced zucchini. They also had some wonderful rolls, a huge variety of specialty cheeses, and various sauces to go with everything.  All of these things were soooo good, my favorite being the fish, couscous, and beef tenderloin. 

Then I moved on to desert...I don't even know how to describe how amazing the little miniature deserts were.  They had between 8 and 10 little mini desert that were all very different.  The first one I tried was a tiny chocolate square that resembled a brownie but tasted far more rich and fudgy than a typical brownie.  The next thing I tried was a strawberry puree that was topped with a dollop of a wonderful vanilla bean cream.  I was so shock at how delicious it was.  There was a similar apple desert that the cream was flavored with cinnamon instead of vanilla bean, which was also good.  Then I tried a wonderful, pallet cleansing dessert made up of chopped kiwi in a sweet juice/sauce topped with a raspberry. That one was my second favorite because it was just so sweet and refreshing!  My favorite overall was a chocolate mousse square (and I don't even usually care for mousse) that tasted like it was made out of a delicious hot chocolate. It was sitting on some sort of cookie that was kind of like a lady finger and it was all sitting down in a vanilla cream sauce. Stuck it the top of this crazy awesome desert was a thin garnish of chocolate with gold designs on it. OH MY GOODNESS...which is actually what I said out loud when I took a bite of it...it was soooo YUMMY!  I really wanted to stay down stairs and continue to go back and get more over and over again but I forced myself to leave and come back to my room. 

By the way, the size of each of these desserts was about the size of a shot glass or smaller....I'm just defending myself and making sure that I don't sound toooo glutinous lol (all though even if I do, I don't care because it was THAT good)

Anyway, I just had to share this awesome meal with people :) I hope that all of your mouths are watering right now...because they should be... lol

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