Monday, September 17, 2012

Observations of Venice

First Impression: I would HATE to see a major flood here.

The second thing I noticed was the strange smell that Venice has but after about 5 minutes, I got used to it and didn't ever notice it again.

Something I noticed about Venice is the people are not nearly as nice as the people in Rome. That being said, at least they aren't trying as hard to sell you crappy cheap souvenirs.  

Venice is a really unique city and I can say that I have definitely never seen anything like it.  I only have a few pictures because everything that was really cool or pretty had some kind of construction going on or a giant crane or a massive banner in front of it (btw mom, the banner business in Venice is on fire! lol) But even so, Venice is a really interesting and pretty place.

One thing I noticed a LOT all over Europe, but especially in Italy, is guys wearing their collars popped...stop it. It looks ridiculous and nobody thinks you are cool.

Another thing that I have noticed is that people in Europe don't wait for you to get off of a train/bus/boat/elevator/etc before getting off. There would be a lot more rooms if they would just let us off first but oh well. 

I took a water bus all over the Grand Canal in Venice today and got off to explore some things, one of those things being Piazza San Marco.  That area was really pretty. There were artist set up all along the canal and I got a piece of art that I LOVE (and I am hoping to get home without ruining it.) The main square was flooded a bit so they had a bunch of elevated walkways set up. I got a delicious ham and cheese panini and a scoop of chocolate chip gelato for lunch. Yum.  Spent a little bit of time just wandering around and then sat near a park to rest for a little while.  I enjoyed seeing Venice and I hope one day to be able to come back :)

Oh another REALLY weird thing happened to me today. A girl ran up to me and said "YOU GO TO GEORGIA STATE?!?!" I was confused for a second but then realized I have my Georgia State t-shirt on.  Turns out she goes to GSU and is studying abroad this semester in Venice. Small World! :)

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