Sunday, September 16, 2012

Off to Venice

Today I left Rome and set out for Venice. I got to the Rome train station very early because I wanted to make sure that my reservations had gone through and I was good to go.  Everything regarding my reservation worked out fine and I walked around the train station until my train got there.  I got on the train and found my assigned seat with no problems.  A girl from Buffalo, New York sat down next to me and I asked where she was from and we talked the entire train ride until her stop, which was Florence. She and her boyfriend were traveling for 2 weeks around Italy. They were on their way to Florence and then they were going to head to Venice. I slept for the rest of the train ride to Venice.  Once we got into the Venice area we stopped at a stop called Mestre. It wasn't my stop but I made the decision to go ahead and get off the train there.  The reason for that was because I knew that Mestre was on the mainland and my hotel was too, so I figured it would be easier to take a taxi from there rather than from the city center of Venice.  I was right! The taxi lady said it was only about 10 minutes away and it ended up only costing around 15 Euro, which isn't so bad for a taxi.  I checked into my hotel and it turns out, its pretty nice (although NOTHING will compare to the AMAZING room I had in Rome!)  Now I am waiting until about 6:30 (an hour from now) so I can go to a restaurant nearby and get some dinner (and maybe a drink after a day full of travel lol.) I plan on making this an early night (still not feeling wonderful so the more sleep the better) and getting an early start to the day tomorrow. I am really looking forward to exploring Venice!!  Pictures from Rome will be posted on Facebook either tonight or sometime tomorrow :)

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