Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I felt the need to post about pizza. Its EVERYWHERE in Europe it seems like.  So in the last week or so I have eaten pizza several times.  At all 3 places I have had pizza they haven't cut it into slices so I was left with my dull knife to try and cut pizza. Also it you ask for Parmesan cheese to go on the Pizza they think you are reeeaallly strange and inform your that there is already cheese on the Pizza and say, "You want MORE?!?" at which point I act like I was unaware of the cheese already on my pizza and go back to eating my pizza in shame without Parmesan.... lol  

Also I have made the mistake twice of asking the waiting what he or she likes best out of 2 or 3 choices on the menu... They got really confused and informed me that they are different and it wouldn't make sense to compare them.  The seem completely confused on why you would want there recommendation...its awkward. 

Its funny how little things like this are so different from place to place.

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