Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Goodbye Amsterdam

I am about to head out of Amsterdam and I wanted to recap my time here a bit more.  I have really enjoyed Amsterdam! Its such a unique and beautiful city.  There really is so much more to enjoy other than the typical drug and prostitution scene that is thought of when talking about Amsterdam.  The canals are beautiful, the people are so friendly, and the design of the city is really cool and makes walking around enjoyable.

To address the red light district...its a very interesting part of the city. A bit seedy but doesn't seem unsafe. There are many bars, clubs, and coffee shops in the red light district. The prostitutes stand in the windows in bikini type attire. They are surprisingly much more beautiful than I expected them to be.  I went on a Monday night and all of the ladies I passed were gorgeous. We went to a bar in the red light district and it was your typical bar (except with a smoking room). The red light district is overall an interesting part of Amsterdam. 

One of my favorite parts of Amsterdam is their outdoor cafes that have all the chairs facing outward for people-watching. I ate at one of those cafes each day I was here,

I hope to visit Amsterdam again someday :) 

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